Opportunity is knocking for eCommerce Retailers – an overview of what makes wnDirect different

Consumers may desire products from ‘faraway places’ they still wish to be handled in a way that is familiar to them. The reality is ‘global’ doesn’t represent one market. International delivery also brings with it a number of potential pitfalls which can prove costly.

Ed Turner of wnDirect [IRDX VWDI] will discuss the 5 common mistakes of international distribution based around 5 themes: country differences, customs, tracking, returns, customer satisfaction, and offer insights into how wnDirect overcome them.

Whilst also reviewing the opportunities and innovations that will support your international growth strategies particularly in the emerging markets of Russia and China and ground-breaking solutions to help re-engineer your global stock and returns management.

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wnDirect are an international logistics company bringing to market a tailored international delivery solution developed specifically for ecommerce. (more…)

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One thought on “Opportunity is knocking for eCommerce Retailers – an overview of what makes wnDirect different

  1. Ivan said:

    The Parcels spend more time with WNDirect than the whole journey from the US and past UK Customs,a painful and frustrating wait that uses outdated tracking which is 24hrs behind giving the end customer no indication or clue as to when delivery might take place,a whole forum and mores worth of dissatisfied customers,over 20 tracking events since a parcel arrived in the UK(nearly 2 weeks) getting passed about,never again,opt of of the GSP if you can.

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