Revealing Real Customer Experiences

During Lee’s 20 minute presentation thousands of potential customers will have visited and left your site. Even more will have never reached it in the first place, and bought from a competitor. For some that’s exactly what their customer experience will have been. Lee will explain what you should do about this — how to get the real answers from real customers to act upon.

Speaker: Lee Duddell, Founder and Head of UX, WhatUsersDo

Lee is passionate about using insight to improve digital experiences. He got fed up of sitting in meetings where designers, developers and managers made business critical UX decisions based upon their own hunches. They almost never considered how and why people use their digital services. That’s why he founded WhatUsersDo — so that organisations can base digital design decisions on UX insight (and not hunches).

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  1. Nick Imrie said:

    This is the wrong video – Lee’s video from the CX event can be found at:

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