‘Why speed matters’ with Dan Hobson, Peer1 Hosting

It’s easy to think that you appreciate the need for a fast website as an eCommerce business. Better conversion and lower abandonment for starters, but nowadays page-load speed really affects your Google quality score. Do you really want a lower SEO ranking and higher Paid Search bids because your site is slow?

Peer 1 [IRDX VPR1] will walk you through the full implications of a slow site and explore how an optimised hosting environment can help give you a competitive advantage.

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PEER1 Hosting

PEER1 Hosting


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One thought on “‘Why speed matters’ with Dan Hobson, Peer1 Hosting

  1. sam said:

    Pingdom is not a good tool to assess the performance of a site.

    Also not sure why you would want to run your site of one backbone?

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