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GUEST COMMENT The power of post-purchase experience: building brand loyalty and driving growth


In the ever evolving and changing world of ecommerce, success hinges on more than just securing the initial sale. The true differentiator lies in the post-purchase experience, writes Angus Knights, head of product success, parcelLab.

Angus Knights, head of product success, parcelLab

While many brands invest significant resources in attracting customers and making the best impression at the point of sale, it’s the post-purchase experience that holds the key to long-term success across demographics and geographies.

The purchase experience undoubtedly plays a crucial role in a retailer’s growth strategy. Sales and brand building are primary objectives, and rightly so. However, often in the pursuit of attracting new customers, retailers tend to overlook the immense value that lies within the post-purchase journey.

Research reveals that one-third of online shopping revenue is generated by returning customers. Moreover, repeat customers tend to spend three times more on average compared to one-off customers. This highlights the imperative role of the post-purchase experience in building brand loyalty and driving sustained business growth.

Brand loyalty
From the moment an order is confirmed to product delivery, the post-purchase experience encompasses a range of touchpoints that can make a key difference. Order confirmations, shipping notifications, customer feedback requests, and loyalty programmes are all integral elements of a holistic approach to customer satisfaction. By excelling in each of these areas, retailers can not only retain customers but also turn them into long-term advocates for their brand.

The post-purchase experience is crucial in building brand loyalty for several reasons. Firstly, it provides an opportunity to engage with customers on a personal level, establishing a deeper connection beyond the transaction. By proactively sending relevant and personalised information such as order confirmations, tracking updates, and shipping details, brands can demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction and enhance their overall experience.

Secondly, the post-purchase phase presents an ideal moment to provide customers with personalised recommendations and ‘how-to’ content. By understanding their preferences and providing tailored suggestions, retailers can foster a sense of value and demonstrate a genuine interest in their customers’ needs. This personalised approach not only increases customer satisfaction but also boosts the chances of repeat purchases.

Thirdly, a seamless post-purchase experience builds trust and reliability. When customers receive accurate and timely information about their order status, it instils confidence in the brand’s operations. Furthermore, addressing any potential issues or concerns promptly and efficiently demonstrates a commitment to excellent customer service. By delivering on these fronts consistently, retailers can cultivate trust, encouraging customers to choose their brand over competitors time and time again.

Achieving growth
To achieve sustainable growth, retailers must prioritise increasing their brand value and elevating the customer experience. It requires proactive efforts in delivering the right information at the right time. Every touchpoint should be meticulously designed to engage customers and exceed their expectations. By doing so, brands can position themselves ahead of the competition and establish a reputation for best-in-class post-purchase experiences.

The post-purchase experience is the linchpin of success for online retailers. While the initial sale is important, it is the journey that follows which truly determines the longevity and loyalty of customers. By investing in a comprehensive post-purchase strategy, including personalised communications, relevant recommendations, and prompt customer service, retailers can create a lasting impact on customers to increase brand loyalty and drive revenue growth. The power lies in understanding that the journey doesn’t end at the point of sale – it continues to evolve through every step of the post-purchase experience.

By investing in a comprehensive post-purchase strategy, retailers can create an emotional connection with customers that goes beyond a one-time transaction. This connection builds brand loyalty, drives repeat business, and gives retailers a genuine competitive edge. The time for retailers to prioritise the post-purchase experience is now and is integral to winning the hearts and minds of customers across the globe.

Angus Knights, head of product success, parcelLab

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