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How AI can supercharge your customer teams

Customers switch brands when they are attracted to someone new

Customers switch brands when they are attracted to someone new

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What do customer service employees and comic book superheroes have in common?

Look at Tony Stark. Super smart. But it’s not until he puts on his suit that he becomes a superhero – Iron Man.

And Bruce Wayne. Powerful and important. But with his utility belt, he’s a superhero – Batman.

So what about your employees? They deliver great customer service. But with the right technology, tools, and gadgets, they can be superheroes, too. As comic books have taught us, some of the world’s greatest superheroes are people augmented by technology. Equipped with AI, your employees can be superheroes of customer service.

Of course, every superhero origin is full of questions, and yours will be no different. What could AI be doing? Is it right for you? And how do you get started? In this blog post, you’ll discover an answer to the first question. You can find the answers to the second and third questions in our e-book. But for now, here are a few ideas for harnessing the power of AI – to augment your employees’ ingenuity and supercharge your customer teams.

Understand what customers really want, with x-ray vision

Remembering names. Updating the database. Helping find a product. For your employees, personalisation can only go so far.

Supercharge your customer service with AI. Personalise the experience by knowing what your customers want – before they know they want it. Cross-sell, upsell, and offer smart deals based on everything from the weather to once-in-a-lifetime events in your customers’ lives. And contextualise your service based on your customers and how they’ve shopped in the past.

Boost profit margins, with super-strength selling

You shouldn’t have to resort to world domination or bank robbery to keep your profits growing. Your customer teams have the power.

Supercharge your profits with AI. Find new ways to engage and sell to your customers by learning from their habits. Stay competitive by tracking the latest prices and promotions, and responding to your competitors. And don’t let your customers get away – a chatbot on your site can quickly resolve their most common queries and put a stop to abandoned baskets.

Get more done, with time-bending tools

Superheroes often have to make tough calls. But you shouldn’t have to. Complete all the tasks you need to do to keep your business running. And still have time to complete all the tasks you need to do to keep it growing.

Supercharge your productivity with AI. Entrust everyday customer service to a chatbot, and make more time for tasks that require your unique human approach. Team up with a sidekick or, in this case, a trusted Microsoft partner like ANS, Screenmedia, or Prefixbox. And build your own expertise and experience by drawing on theirs.

Super customer service can’t be stopped

They’re not superpowers. Customer service, profits, and productivity are competitive edges every e-tailer can unlock with AI. So what’s holding you back?

When it comes to getting started with AI, lots of e-tailers share the same adversaries. Lack of expertise. Data governance. Complicated infrastructure. And expensive upkeep. But the reality is, overcoming them is easier than you might expect.

You’ve seen what AI could be doing for your business, your customers, and your employees. Now find out how to get started.

Unlock the superpowers already at work in your business, with AI and this e-book.

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