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Rakuten Marketing Have Teamed up with Harvard Business Review Analytic Services to Explore the Cutting-edge Ways Marketers Are Using AI to Deliver Experiences People Love

You’ve heard a lot about the AI revolution, and its enormous potential to redefine digital marketing. This plays out against a backdrop of consumer discontent, online fraud, one-size-fits-all metrics that don’t align with business objectives, and a host of other problems that have plagued the digital customer experience.

Now, this Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report – Marketer and Machine: How AI Is Bringing Back the Mojo – demonstrates the real-world applications of AI, showing how it is helping digital marketers overcome these challenges, to deliver experiences people love.

Download the report for key insights:

  1. Using AI technologies, digital marketers are overcoming intractable issues such as online fraud and disengaged consumer audiences, all the while improving business performance.
  2. AI enables continuous learning, allowing marketers to re-tune messaging according to customers’ most recent digital behaviour and ever-changing preferences.
  3. AI will increasingly automate most lower-level marketing tasks, affording marketing professionals more time and energy to work on creative content and strategy.

About Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing is the global leader in digital marketing solutions that empower marketers to realise the full potential of their campaigns across programmatic display, affiliate, search, and social channels. Our clients are looking to work with a transparent partner who can help them increase the efficiency and performance of their campaigns. These campaigns are supported by a robust platform that includes our own attribution and retargeting technology, unique data, and advanced user identification capabilities.

Integrated multichannel solutions, along with our unique data insights and unparalleled client focus, equip marketers to deliver ad experiences that engage and influence across a global network.

Rakuten Marketing is backed by Rakuten, Inc. one of the world’s leading Internet service companies. With UK offices in London and Brighton, the company is headquartered in New York City, with additional offices in Australia, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, and throughout the United States. Further information can be found on Twitter or at

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