Meeting the ‘Mobile First’ Challenge at House of Fraser

Having pioneered a ‘mobile first’ approach to e-commerce site design, House of Fraser’s Executive Director of Multi-channel, Andy Harding [IRDX IAHA] explains in detail why the retailer made the move and, more presciently, the challenges involved in doing so and how retailers should be thinking about ‘adaptive-responsive design’ for a future where e-commerce happens on many, many devices.

For more on the House of Fraser [IRDX RHOF] mobile strategy, read Chloe Rigby’s piece here.

Mentioned in this piece…

Andy  Harding

Andy Harding


Formerly Executive Director, Multichannel, and Chief Customer Officer at House of Fraser

House of Fraser

House of Fraser


House of Fraser is a UK-based multichannel department store and the third largest department store chain in the UK.

One thought on “Meeting the ‘Mobile First’ Challenge at House of Fraser

  1. Interesting to hear from Andy that they only started seeing a significant shift to mobile a year ago (Feb 2013) and then in June 2013 saw the tipping point (over 50% on handhelds).

    We had the same experience, but a good 15 to 18 months earlier.

    We have found that our “standard” site renders well on devices which are “tablet” size, but have a mirror site for smaller devices (iPhones, etc). Both sites work of a central dbase, so there’s no functional or operational duplication – only one has a device-responsive template and the other a “conventional” template.
    Today, well over 65% of our customers use mobile devices to shop on our sites.

    Andy’s 100% correct in Fraser’s UX strategy. Mobile is the way forward.

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