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GUEST COMMENT Five tech trends shaping the grooming industry

Attracting and then keeping customers in this time and age is not an easy task. Especially when you have to appeal to an audience that is somewhat obsessed with technology.
That is why industries are trying hard to keep up with the latest tech trends. The grooming industry is no exception.

Taking care of your looks is getting easier by day, thanks to these new technological advancements that are slowly shaping the grooming industry into something futuristic. How do these big industries manage to keep young customers interested in their products? An answer to that question might be these five tech trends in the grooming industry.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is becoming more and more incorporated into new grooming products. It is a useful tool for products meant for both men and women. Men now have the option to enjoy much comfortable shaving with the help of a AI-powered electric razor from Philips. The razor is connected to your phone by a special app. The app makes calculations and provides feedback, as well as guidelines for a better experience.

Women, on the other hand, are able to use AI-powered tools and software and determine the best colour for the foundation on their face. Handheld colourimeters can scan their face and then send the data to a computer. After completing precise calculations, the software sends that information to a mixer which creates the perfect foundation for your skin tone. All of this happens directly in the store in just a few minutes.

Augmented Reality

Choosing the right hairstyle makeup style, or beard style has never been easier, all thanks to augmented reality software. You can find professional apps or casual ones that allow you to take a photo or a video of your face, with a virtual simulation of your preferred look. Chances are, if you do video calls, you have already tried this.

Professional apps, however, are much more capable than those simple video call filters. They let you see how you’d look with almost any kind of haircut, makeup or facial hairstyle. Now you don’t have to do anything in reality if you want to try out a new look. You can just do it in the virtual reality instead and see if you like it or not.


This trend can easily attract both grooming product customers, but also people who want to make some money. It’s still a relatively new concept in the industry of grooming, but it will most likely bloom in the near future, just like many other virtual currencies.

Champion Shave is the first grooming product company that allows customers to make purchases by using cryptocurrency. Champion Coin is the name of their cryptocurrency and it’s backed by some of the world’s top athletes like Usain Bolt and Dominique Wilkins.

Customers can invest real money into these currencies and then use them to buy various grooming products. With Champion Coin, you can purchase some items that can’t be bought with regular currency, which makes it even more attractive for potential customers.

Since cryptocurrencies tend to have a value prone to growth, they also attract people who might want to make some money. These investors pull this off by purchasing it at a lower and then selling it at a higher price. Therefore, it can draw an audience that doesn’t have an interest in buying grooming products. This is an effective way to expand your customer base, isn’t it?

Printed makeup

Makeup gadgets that allow you to put on your entire makeup in a matter of seconds? Sounds like a girl’s dream come true. But it could become real very soon.

Opté wand, a makeup printer that already exists, is the first step towards that dream coming true. This gadget uses a tiny camera to scan your facial features and then precisely apply foundation to conceal age wrinkles, burst blood vessels, or freckles. It also saves you money on the long run, because it uses very little serum due to its precision.


Wearing makeup without actually doing so, that’s what the 3D makeup is all about. Makeup artists in this industry make virtual designs, or simulations if you will, and then make it available for people to use online. With just an internet connection and a smartphone, you too can try out these looks and see if you like them.

This makeup can do things that aren’t possible in real life. Change colours, shapes, or become iridescent. That makes it entirely different from normal makeup.
Did you like some of these tech innovations? Would you like to try them out yourself? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear your opinion.

Author: Tara, editor, Trimepil

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