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Reports featuring case-studies from Amazon
dx warehousing
23 Mar 2023
Warehousing has always been a critical part of retail, and the pandemic-fuelled rise of ecommerce has generated record growth for the sector across the globe.
Benelux 2022 Front cover
11 Nov 2022
Download the Benelux 2022 Ecommerce Region Report, an in-depth analysis of arguably one of Europe’s most significant markets because of the large retailers and market as well as the political and economic cooperation...
Top1000 cover
8 Aug 2022
Our latest ranking of the RetailX Top1000 Europe builds on eight years of RetailX research to provide a unique performance-based index of Europe’s leading ecommerce and multichannel retailers, brands and marketplaces.
Fashion Brands and Marketplaces Cover
29 Jul 2022
The EMEA Fashion Marketplace Report  looks at how the fashion industry is embracing marketplaces – both established behemoths such as Amazon, Alibaba and eBay and the new crop of dedicated fashion marketplaces such...
14 Jul 2022
The EMEA Digital Media Sector Report 2022 delves into the vibrant media market from a strategic and commercial point of view. 
UK Fashion Cover
27 Jun 2022
The RetailX UK Fashion 2022 Report offers a behind the scenes analysis of the UK Fashion landscape from a commercial and strategic point of view.
UK 2022: Ecommerce Country Report
8 Apr 2022
The RetailX United Kingdom 2022 Ecommerce Country Report aims to provide a practical guide to those already selling in the key UK market, a long-time leader of European ecommerce, and to those who...
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