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SPEAKER Q&A Hunter & Gather’s Amy Moring: “We are not hidden faces behind the brand”


A packed panel session at SubscriptionX this May will see founders of subscription businesses come together to share the critical inflection points for their brands, with speakers from Beer52, Hunter & Gather and JOMO Club taking to the stage.

Ahead of this Founders Forum & Roundtable, Amy Moring, co-founder at Hunter & Gather Foods, shared some of her experiences. 

Amy Moring co-founder at Hunter & Gather Foods

Q: What inspired you to launch Hunter & Gather? 
Hunter & Gather was born out of a need from Jeff and I as Co-Founders. As a lifelong coeliac (me) it was important for me to know what was in my food, especially as allergens back when I was diagnosed, didn’t actually have to be bolded on packaging. This opened my eyes to the food products changing drastically to include E Numbers, chemical preservatives and more. 

Jeff went on a journey of discovery for his own health, to overcome acne, stomach pains and that constant “hangry” feeling. On stumbling upon the works of Gary Taubes, this opened up a world of ancestral inspired living, of eating real food (free from refined sugars, grains and seed oils) as well as cold water showers, grounding and optimising sleep. We both felt amazing 

We believe that what we eat is the foundation of our health and we wanted to help educate people through healthier choices, articles and recipes and thats when Hunter & Gather was born. 

Q: When growing this lifestyle brand, what lessons have you learnt that you could share with others looking to introduce a subscription offering?
Understand your product offering, do you actually have a product/s someone is going to subscribe too? Or are they more likely to buy one off for example? Consumables such as toilet roll, toothpaste, cleaning products all make for great subscriptions. Beauty products like makeup, less so (as consumers want to experiment with colours, shades etc). 

Once you understand that your product offering is something someone would subscribe too, ensure you choose an App based system that works and integrates with other features on your site (like loyalty for example). 

Q: Hunter & Gather has B-Corp status – was the environmental impact of your business a key consideration when growing it? 
Bcorp is great because it not only looks at environmental impact but also how you are running your business. Do you pay your team fairly, do you have great processes in place etc. The environment is important by default to us as a brand and we will always aim to opt for plastic free delivery materials (like our product cases and shipping boxes) to utilise often wasted ingredients (such as wonky avocados, or organ meats).  

Q: Your site also features recipes and educational tools such as eBooks – is additional content creation a part of building a sense of community around your brand? 
Absolutely, we wouldn’t be where we are today without our Hunter & Gather community, we listed to what products they want us to list. Things that we can improve as a business etc. We have a free FB group where our customers have direct access to hand out with Jeff and I as Founders and share their views on the brand. We are not hidden faces behind the brand and I think that builds trust. 

Hear more from Moring during the Founders Forum & Roundtable at SubscriptionX on 14 May 2024. The second edition of the groundbreaking conference is set to continue its exploration of the latest and greatest in digitally-driven DTC subscription models.

SubscriptionX is one of four events that make up RetailX’s brand new Spring Festival. The full agenda will be announced soon, but for more information and to register click here.

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