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Themes Gateway

The latest news, opinion, research and videos from the different industry themes across the site.


Insight into retailer's performance, on key marketing channels such as social media, email and mobile.


Insight into retailers' products, the way they are developed, bought and merchandised in store and online to ensure growth and profitability.


Insight and analysis into mobile commerce that has become an inevitable part of retailers' multichannel strategy.


Analysis into the spikes of activity brought on by peak shopping periods, delivering a better understanding of how to shape offers and develop an infrastructure to drive value from a tipping point in trading.


Insight into a growth of marketplaces and their place in retailers' international expansion plans, with a focus on global juggernauts including Amazon and eBay.


Focuses on the emerging technologies that are set to transform the way retailers use data to create more personalised experiences. With an in-depth analysis on cloud platforms, artificial Intelligence and virtual reality.


Insight into creating and retaining customer loyalty, improving shopping experience and services by tracking an evolving consumerism behaviour.


Focuses on a vast array of retailers' that have expanded recently, showcasing their international strategies and where their next priorities lay.

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